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Sand by the TonJuly 2009 - Sand by the Ton show, Oakland, CA

June 2009 The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco California. Polkacide, Go Going Gone Girls and the Meat Sluts. Happy birthday Mark show. Images from show | YouTube channel

Alistair's Chicago Tour Snapshots Polkaholic Jolly James' photo album from the Wild Polka Weekend in Illinois
Alistair's Cotati Accordion Festival Snapshots

XX Anniversary - March 2005 San Francisco
More photos of the XX Annivesary fun
the Story of P
Polka Pals
Band Photo
Band Photo2
OktoBearfest, S.F. 10/03
in the Midwest
Neil Basa
at the GAMH
at Burning Man
at Cotati Fest

Polkacide is in the San Francisco Style Polka Hall of Fame.
Check it out at Escape from New York Pizza at 508 Castro in SF.
photos and commentary by Eli
photos and commentary by Big Lou

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